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Wellness Programs
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Ask AAyush
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Ayurveda Therapies
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Services provided are based on the Scientific and Authenticated Principles Of Ayurvedic Medicine


Serene atmosphere with homely care


Customized and Individualized, Professional Service given to all patients

Qualified Doctors

Highly Qualified and Well Experienced Doctors, Qualified and Well Trained Therapists


Scientific Research and Evidence based treatments and therapies


Specific protocols & Documentation followed

Meet Our Team
Dr. Yogitha Bali M.R
Chief Ayurveda & Yoga Consultant, Consultant Ayurvedic Surgeon, Dietician Reader
Dr.Saritha Rani M.R
Ayurveda Consultant, Yoga Therapist & Dietician

Mrs. Seema Guru Prasad

Dr.Yogitha is one of the finest doc. I have come across.She treats health problems with oil massages, therapies,yoga and meditation rather than going for oral medication..

Mrs. Sunita A.S. Rao

My mother who is a super senior citizen, my daughter, my brother & myself have taken ayurvedic treatment from Dr.Yogita Bali over the last 12 months period for different health issues including disc prolapse, sciatica, asthma, osteoarthritis. Our experience has been very good & fruitful. I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time,humble, friendly, empathetic & genuinely concerned about her patients' well being. Her team is equally committed & sincere in administering the treatment I would strongly recommend the doctor & my family & I will not think twice to approach her for any health issues in the future as well.

Mr. Raghunandan

Dr Yogitha Bali is one of the few doctors who treats patients with less oral medicine . She suggests and encourages treatments through body massage ,Yoga and Meditation . She being a Master in Yoga she mixes her Ayurvedic principles with Yoga. I have been treated for severe neck pain .Before going to her I had reached Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons but not much changes was observed. She treated me with massaging supported with Yoga which really helped me to come back to the right shape. A very focused lady and also charges nominal fees. On top of this a very trust worthy person .I would encourage the patients to meet her once for any health related issues.

Mrs. Chandrakala

My dad who is a senior citizen got the best treatment under her guidance. She is best for yoga therapy and ayurvedic therapy.Thank you doctor.

Ms. Yogita Chadda

Overall good experience

Ms. Abhi

Very good treatments for kidney stones.

Mrs. Deepa

AAYUSH, previously called as Dheerghaayu I am very happy that I was able to reduce my 5 kgs of weight in a month through natural treatments. Thanks a lot Dheerghaayu and DR.Yogitha


I was suffering from severe backache since 2yrs. Was consuming pain killers and taking massage occasionally to get relieved from it. But was of no use, finally from Dheerghaayu I was able to come out of the pain with the treatment they offered. Thanks Dheerghaayu.. Thumbs up..!